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Don Alan
Lee Broski*
Doug Doane
Al James*
Jeff Korst
Lee Levin*
Jay Marshall*
Dave Meyer*
Rich Purpura*
"Skeets" Sturm
Terry Veckey*
“Heba Haba” Al Andrucci
Senator Crandell
Tim Dunworth*
Rich Kaczmarek*
Jim Krzak*
Bill Malone*
Ken Mate*
Michael Papas
Lee Ramsey
“Tackle Box” George
Dean Vitale*
Glenn Bishop*
Rick Davidson
Frank Glab, aka The Great Frankini*
Ed Keska*
Jim Krenz*
Ed Marlo
John Measner*
William Pack*
Steve Sodaro*
John Trzesniak*
Bill Weimer*
Magic Bar Owners:
Barbara Malone* - Houdini's Pub
Jack Murray - New York Lounge
Nick Papas* - New York Lounge
"Big Mike" Rzeminski - Little Bit O' Magic (I)
Mike Rzeminski* - Little Bit O' Magic (I)/Bit O' Magic
Bob Schulien* - Schulien's Restaurant
Charlie Schulien - Schulien's Restaurant
Matt Schulien - Schulien's Restaurant
Bill Stecich* - Little Bit O' Magic (I & II)
Variety Acts and Comedians:
Tim Cavanagh - comedian
Jammin’ Kay Cammon* - comedian
Jon Lautrec - hypnotist
Lester McNeely - clown
Mike and Clarence* - ventriloquist
Patrick Murray - ventriloquist
Bruce and Claire Newton - puppeteers
Ira Novos* - comedian
Mike Ostrowski - comedian
Bob Rumba* - ventriloquist/comedian/juggler
Ken Schultz - juggler
Mark Zwartz - mime
Only in the Magician's Version:
"If You Have Time…" - the Comedic Magic Routines:
The Small Card - a miniature Bicycle card delivers huge laughs
The Ranch Toucan - Bill's adaptation of Don Alan's Ranch Bird
CUUH - a trick by Bill's long-departed magician uncle
The Cups and Owls - Bill's Cup and Ball Routine
Famous Magician Cards - magic with trading cards where you're the star
Weimer's Wisdom Teeth - wind-up chattering teeth find the selected card
I'm Going to Send You a Postcard - fun with a postcard, a marker, and an odd deck of cards
The Picnic Trick - a new trick that still has some "bugs" in it
The Bottle Trick - Bill's routine for Bottle Through the Table
Multi-Phasic Personality Profile - a quick survey reveals the selected card
* Provided input for book
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